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HUMANE summer webinar programme - No way back: opportunities emerging in a post-Covid world

No way back: opportunities emerging in a post-Covid world

HUMANE summer webinar programme

As the public finances of all European countries come under intense pressure as a result of the decline in economic activity resulting from the pandemic, the risks that will manifest for universities are all too apparent.

But as with every crisis, there are also opportunities to build on the experiences of the so called Great Lockdown.

Policy changes that would have taken years to agree have been implemented in weeks; on-line teaching has grown at a rate that could not have been imagined three months ago; and many leadership teams have aligned around a common purpose that would not have been possible in times past.

Over the next couple of months, we are pleased to offer a series of free, short webinar programmes addressing post-Covid opportunities for all HUMANE members and residential school alumni. The first of these are:

Making the most of Covid-19 emergency management gains: an introduction to Lean
Wednesday June 17th 11.00–12.00 CEST
The near certain financial fallout from the pandemic will drive demand for far reaching changes in key processes in universities. Lean thinking is a collection of principles and methods to maximise value whilst minimising waste. What are the key tenets of Lean and what needs to be done to adopt them?
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Emergency management and learning. Will we learn lessons from the pandemic?
Thursday June 25th 10.00–11.00 CEST
Contrary to assumed wisdom, the research evidence about disaster and crisis management shows that organisations commonly do not learn lessons from these experiences. How can we ensure that we do?
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The space race: a tipping point for blended learning & universities’ work space?
Wednesday July 1st 12.00–13.00 CEST
Many service industry leaders and futurists have predicted that our experience of the Great Lockdown will sweep away many of the artificial barriers to moving decisively into a digitised world. Will this be true for higher education? Or will we slip back to a version of a pre-Covid world?
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Each of our webinars will feature a panel of HUMANE members and invited guests, with an opportunity for participants to question and challenge panellists as well as make their own contributions.

Details of panellists and the format of each programme will be provided upon registration following the links provided above.

Participation is free for HUMANE members and Residential School alumni.

We look forward to welcoming you to these events.

Future events will be advertised in the HUMANE e-Newsletter.

Sustaining public confidence in our universities: public affairs, impact and influence - HUMANE Seminar - April 23-24, Milan, Italy

Sustaining public confidence in our universities:
public affairs, impact and influence

HUMANE Spring Seminar
April 23-24, 2020
Hosted by the Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca

The theme of our Spring seminar could not be more topical.

Coming at a time when countries are hotly debating how best to share societal benefits, people working in universities have no doubt of their institutions’ value to society. But it would be a mistake to think that this is accepted by a majority of the community.

In the face of criticism that universities are out of touch with the taxpayers who fund them, our institutions have had to reassess their entire approach to stakeholder communications including for example, public affairs, strategic communications and issue management.

Our seminar will share practice on what universities are doing to tackle these challenges, in terms of policy and strategy, organisation and management, and the deployment of skilled professionals. Session leaders will be sharing information about the choices they’ve made in this regard and why, the successes they’ve achieved, and the lessons they’ve learned the hard way.

Click here for more information and register now to secure your place at what promises to be a thought provoking and highly interactive seminar.

The seminar will be held from midday Thursday 23 to midday Friday 24 April, allowing participants to travel home for the weekend, or stay over for the weekend in the beautiful City of Milan.

Register now to secure your place.

HUMANE-EFMD 2020 Winter School for Senior Managers

Barcelona Winter School
Pompeu Fabra University (UPF), 15-20 March, 2020

We are pleased to announce that applications are now being accepted for the 2020 Winter School.

Universities seeking competitive advantage in the global higher education market can’t rely on national frameworks alone. The pace and nature of change may be different between national systems, but the imperative to adapt is the same for all institutions. Tomorrow’s top managers will be those who understand universities’ global context, have access to active international networks and have the skills to enable their institutions to seize opportunities for future success.


The key benefits of participating in the Winter School are:

  • you will develop your leadership capabilities by working in multi-national, multi-disciplinary teams over the course of the week;
  • you and your institution will gain access to an international network of like-minded, talented future senior higher education managers;
  • you will learn from expert speakers and peers about overcoming the challenges of managing policy and strategy change in universities; and
  • you will learn about the critical importance of aligning services with academic strategy.

Format and Content

Teamwork, peer learning and active engagement with a culturally diverse group of participants and speakers are the key themes amplified via the format and content of the Winter School.

The programme is both immersive and intensive, with participants grouped into teams. Each team does a deep dive on an institutional case study to demonstrate contrasting approaches to effecting successful international strategy and policy change. Teamwork sessions are balanced with plenary sessions conducted by expert speakers on a variety of topics relevant to the School’s themes. The working language is English, but presenters are skilled at dealing with various levels of English language proficiency.

Click here further details and here to download the Winter School brochure.
The programme is available here.


The Winter School is designed for talented fast-rising managers of professional services, many of whom will be aspiring to senior institutional leadership. Managers of specialist areas who are seeking to broaden their experience, as well as general managers of academic operations in schools/faculties will all benefit from participation in the Winter School. All applicants must be nominated by their institutional head of administration/or equivalent. A HUMANE/EFMD Steering Committee makes a final decision on applications up to a maximum of 35 people.

Application criteria

Applicants must provide the following:

  • A brief statement, definitely no longer than one page, describing their motivations for attending the Winter School, explaining how it will benefit their institution and their personal development;
  • A one to two page curriculum vitae of their qualifications and experience;
  • A brief letter of support from their head of administration/or equivalent to demonstrate institutional support for the application.

Funding Opportunities

Institutions may also wish to explore travel funding opportunities from the EU for training activities, such as the the Erasmus + Programme.

Application Deadline

Applications can be made until 15 November 2019.


The fee for the week-long programme will be €3,790 for HUMANE or EFMD members (plus VAT if applicable). It includes fees for tuition, all documentation and accommodation in a central Barcelona hotel but excludes travel costs.

How to Apply

Applicants are requested to fill in the online application form
For further information please contact Nadine Burquel

Sydney universities study visits and a seminar with HUMANE’s Australian counterpart, Sydney (AU), April 14-17

Sydney universities study visits and a seminar with HUMANE's Australian counterpart
Hosted by the Australian Catholic University, Sydney
April 14-17, 2020

An ambitious programme

Registrations are now open for this unique opportunity.

The programme comprises study visits to three very different types of institutions in Sydney, themed around:

The programme also features a seminar with HUMANE’s counterpart association, the Deputy Vice-Chancellors Corporate. This provides a great opportunity to exchange good practice between members of the associations, focussed on key trends in higher education, big challenges and future developments, as well as providing a platform for international networking for HUMANE participants.

Click here for a more detailed outline of the programme.

Why attend?

Australia’s universities are among the most innovative, future focussed institutions in the world.

With a population of 25m people Australia is a relatively small country. Nonetheless:

  • It has 43 universities with revenues of $A30.1 billion (c. €18.7) educating 1.4m students, a quarter of whom are international. It has the world’s largest concentration of international students by a large margin, and
  • Between 2000-2015, Australia’s universities grew at an average of 5% per year, whilst improving graduate employability and improving their global academic reputation. Six institutions appear in the top 100 of the 2020 THE World University Rankings. Australia boasts more top 200 universities apart from the US, the UK or Germany.

What has driven this astonishing performance? How has it been led and managed?What can European institutions learn from the Australian experience? What are some of the ‘next big things’ Australian institutions are focussing on? These are just some of the questions we aim to tackle over the course of the programme.

Timing and fees

Held over four days, the programme is intensive making the best use of participants’ time. By scheduling the event in the short week immediately after Easter you can combine attendance with travel to and from Sydney using the Easter break as well as the following weekend, as well as any other plans you have whilst in Sydney.

The fee for the four day programme is €1,750 for HUMANE members and Residential School alumni. It includes all study visit and seminar costs, transport between venues, documentation, lunch and evening meals within the programme. It excludes travel costs to and from Sydney and accommodation. Click here to view some accommodation options nearby our ACU host.

Register here to secure your place on the programme that will be very popular.

The Challenge of Change - HUMANE Autumn Seminar - University of Bordeaux, November 7-8

The challenge of change: changing models and methods for the management of transformational change in contemporary higher education
University of Bordeaux, France
November 7-8, 2019

Whether seeking gains in institutional efficiency, responding to shifts in policy and financing, or improving competitive academic advantage, many European universities are initiating strategic transformation programmes.

But the research evidence over the past 20 or more years consistently shows that about 70 per cent of all transformation programmes in all sectors fail to meet their objectives.

The key ingredients of strategic change in universities are not in dispute: effective leadership; a clear vision for a future operating model; and an aligned institutional culture. But the method to achieve sustainable change is much less clear, with institutions having invested in various sophisticated change management methods and models to guide their transformation programmes.

Our seminar aims to explore and share experiences of these developments, covering themes that include:

  • evidence of what’s worked, what’s failed and what’s worth trying again
  • convergence and divergence of methods and approaches in the public and private sectors
  • using expert external and internal consultants to support transformation programmes, and
  • transformation sponsorship, leadership and followership.

With inputs from a range of institutions as well as those with experience of other sectors, our seminar presents a unique opportunity to share experience and network with an international audience of HE professionals grappling with how best to manage the ‘challenge of change’.

Register now to secure your place for what promises to be an engaging and innovative seminar. Residential School Alumni are welcome at all HUMANE events.