Developments in innovation leadership at Aalto University - HUMANE Study Visit - October 27-29

Innovation Leadership at Aalto University
Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland
October 27-29, 2019

HUMANE and Aalto University are pleased to announce that registrations are now open for HUMANE’s autumn study visit: developments in innovation leadership at Aalto University.

Innovation and innovation management has been at the core of Aalto University’s academic strategy from its beginnings.

Founded in 2010, Aalto was given a national mission to strengthen the innovation capacity of Finland through first-class research, art and education.

It styles itself as a place where "science and art meet technology and business”.

How does an institution with such a mission, and mandate, go about the business of managing innovation? In particular, how is it managing issues such as:

  • weaving innovation into the fabric of the University’s wider strategy,
  • the balance of emphasis between conventional research excellence and innovation
  • stimulating collaboration with partners inside and outside of HE
  • IP management, protection, commercialisation and the distribution of benefits, and
  • the management of risk.

Commencing with a convivial dinner on the evening before the study visit, the programme takes place over two days and has been shaped around three half day sessions:

  • the management and internal regulation of the innovation process at Aalto,
  • the evolution and future development of the Aalto innovation ecosystem, and
  • the role of students in Aalto’s approach to innovation and entrepreneurship.

Participants will have plenty of opportunity to engage informally with Aalto staff and, as with all of our events, the learning will be two-way, with participants encouraged to share their institutional experiences with our hosts, as well as other participants.

Register here to secure your place for what will be a fascinating study visit to a young institution, with a clear, bold strategy to differentiate itself from its competitors.

Residential School Alumni are welcome at all HUMANE events.